Jul 05 2018

Decision expected in Zaman newspaper case

The case of 11 journalists who worked the Gülen movement-linked Zaman newspaper continues on Thursday and is expected to conclude with judicial decisions on Friday.

The Turkish government holds the Gülen movement responsible for a 2016 coup attempt in which 248 people were killed, and the journalists being tried in the Zaman case are variously accused of involvement in the coup, membership in the Gülen movement and assisting the Gülen movement.

Journalistic platform P24 is relaying all the developments from the courtroom over Twitter.

“Most of the evidence added to the charge sheet, as well as all the evidence on the charge sheet, is taken from my writings in Zaman newspaper,” Şahin Alpay, who was first on the stand, said.

“Yes, I was a columnist at Zaman for roughly 14 years. Before that, I wrote and edited for Cumhuriyet, Sabah, and Milliyet. Zaman opened its pages to writers with many different views in order to be a serious newspaper which addressed all segments of society. I saw it as beneficial to address Zaman readers with my views in defence of liberal democracy.”