Dec 11 2017

Erdoğan’s lawyer gave Zarrab sanctions-busting green light – CHP representative

A lawyer for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was the intermediary between the Turkish president,

his son-in-law and Energy Minister Berat Albayrak, and Iranian-Turkish gold dealer Reza Zarrab, the U.S. representative of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) said.

“The messages presented by the New York prosecutors and accepted by Zarrab are between Zarrab and ‘my politically well-connected lawyer’,” Yurter Özcan tweeted. “What a pity that the media did not give this important detail: this lawyer is Mustafa Doğan İnal.” 

“İnal is at the same time Tayyip Erdoğan’s lawyer,” he said.

The text messages apparently sent between Zarrab and İnal show the latter conveying a message from Albayrak that “this business must be done”, and that then-Prime Minister Erdoğan would order “the general manager” of state-owned Halkbank to continue it.

U.S. prosecutors interpreted the message as an order for Halkbank to resume its participation in Zarrab’s scheme to undermine U.S. sanctions on Iran after he and dozens others were freed following their arrest in late 2013.

İnal not only represents Erdoğan, but also Saudi Arabian billionaire Yassin Qadi, who spent most of the last decade on a U.N. sanctions list for alleged links to al Qaeda, and Egyptian-origin Turkish businessman Osama Qutb, nephew of Muslim Brotherhood founder Said Qutb.

Both Qadi and Qutb are seen as close to the Erdoğan family.