It looks increasingly like Reza Zarrab has agreed a plea deal

The apparent disappearance from public records of an Iranian-Turkish gold dealer at the centre of a New York trial for evading international sanctions is the latest clue that suggests he has agreed to tell U.S. authorities everything he knows in exchange for a shorter sentence.

While Turkish authorities, which are thought to fear that Reza Zarrab may end up implicating top officials in the scheme, have issued a diplomatic note to the United States requesting details of his whereabouts, Zarrab’s lawyer seems unfazed.

Turkey’s note said Zarrab had not recently communicated with his lawyer, something that would be highly irregular under normal pre-trial circumstances, but would be unnecessary if a deal had already been reached.

The author does raise the interesting possibility that if cooperating, Zarrab might waive attorney-client privilege so that investigators could learn what Erdogan said to Giuliani.

The panic over Zarrab’s whereabouts began when his record in the U.S. federal prison system database showed him to have been released on Nov. 8.

“All I can tell you is that he is in federal custody,” James Margulin, a spokesman for the U.S. prosecutor’s office told Ahval on Wednesday. The United States also reassured Turkey that Zarrab was in good health: