Pro-Erdoğan Turkish newspaper accuses new prosecutor in Zarrab case

A Turkish pro-government newspaper has levelled a string of accusations against the former law firm of the newly appointed U.S. attorney in the case of an Iranian-Turkish gold trader accused of circumventing U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Akşam newspaper said it was “opening the file on Joon H. Kim, the prosecutor of the (Reza) Zarrab case, which has turned into a conspiracy against Turkey in collaboration with FETÖ.”

FETÖ is the Turkish government’s name for the Fethullah Gülen movement, a religious group it accuses of having masterminded last year’s failed coup attempt.

Akşam accused Kim’s law firm of bribing an important witness to change his testimony in a 2007 case, of “selling out” a client – the Argentinian government – by falsely claiming it would not abide by any decisions made in U.S. law courts, and of defrauding a Canadian company of $1.5 million dollars in expenses.

Turkish pro-government media outlets have already claimed that the judge and original Southern District of New York attorney are in cahoots with the Gülen movement as part of a conspiracy one of the directors of the country’s wealth fund has described as “economic warfare”.



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