Reza Zarrab’s brother cited in Comoros scandal

A suspect in a high-profile sanctions case is not only a citizen of Iran and Turkey, but also of the tiny island nation of Comoros, Reuters said.

Mohammad Zarrab is accused of working together with the case’s star witness, his younger brother Reza Zarrab, to undermine U.S. sanctions on Iran.

He was one of two names wanted by U.S. officials for Iranian sanctions-busting caught up a scandal where it was revealed that thousands of passports, including at least 184 diplomatic passports, were issued to non-Comorans in an irregular manner.

“The passports are potentially valuable because they offer a citizenship with no tax obligations and can be used to open bank accounts and facilitate travel in the Gulf and beyond,” Reuters cited law enforcement officials as saying.

Among those granted citizenship of the Comoros were two men accused by the United States of breaking sanctions on Iran to the benefit of Iranian airline Mahir Air: Mohammad Zarrab, whose whereabouts remains unclear, and Hamid Reza Malakotipour, who is also accused of supplying equipment to Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces in Syria, Reuters said.


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