Turkey to argue at U.N. that U.S. cannot try Turkish citizens - Daily Sabah

Turkey is to apply to the United Nations over the U.S. prosecution of a Turkish banking executive on charges of breaking sanctions on Iran, arguing U.S. courts do not have the right to try Turkish citizens, to the pro-government Daily Sabah newspaper said.

United States prosecutors argue that a criminal network run by Iranian-Turkish gold dealer Reza Zarrab used the U.S. banking system to circumvent sanctions placed on Iran over its nuclear programme, and hence committed a crime in the United States.

However, if as Daily Sabah suggests, Turkey is to argue that it has sole sovereignty over all of its citizens at all times, regardless of whether they commit crimes on foreign soil, this may cause tensions with other countries, especially those with large Turkish-origin populations.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has sometimes urged Turkish-origin communities in other countries not to assimilate and sought to continue exercising power over them through remote religious, educational and political networks.