Turkey: Ignore claims of “hostage” Reza Zarrab

A spokesman for Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party has warned citizens not to pay any attention to the testimony of an Iranian-Turkish gold trader who is presently standing trial on grounds of bypassing U.S. sanctions on Iran.

“Some have begun to gain hope from certain statements a man gave while taken hostage, carried out in the United States in a strange way that has no place in international law or even local law,” Mahir Ünal said of Reza Zarrab.

“You have watched news under the influence of the FETÖist mindset formed inside the judiciary by the U.S. deep state.”

Ünal also warned that the ultimate target of the sanctions case was Turkey itself.

“This is a game that we see as a theatre play,” he said. “We will not be an actor in this. We will not give our permission to those who want to sit Turkey in the defendant’s chair.”