Turkish banker ‘not tried justly’ in U.S. - CHP MP

A Turkish opposition deputy told parliament on Thursday that the trial of a Turkish banker in a case over the undermining of U.S. sanctions against Iran showed that justice in the U.S. was a ‘’Hollywood fantasy,’’ state news agency Anadolu reported.

“I am certain that Hakan Atilla was not tried justly,” Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Haluk Pekşen said of the former Halkbank executive.

“We all want to believe that justice is carried out in accordance with the most just of human rights agreements in the United States.”

However, he said, “the principle of a fair trial was wholly overlooked,” in Atilla’s case, in which Reza Zarrab, who was accused of being the architect of a scheme to evade sanctions on Iran through collaborating with Turkish banking and state officials, made a plea deal and ended up as the trial’s star witness.

“The topic goes beyond Atilla,” Pekşen, himself a lawyer, said, adding that the Turkish judiciary failed to act when they should have on the issue.

Pekşen, a member of parliament Turkey’s Black Sea coast province of Trabzon, also used the press conference to claim tha deaths caused by cancer were six times higher than global averages in Turkey’s Black Sea region, noting that carcinogens, especially in the Trabzon harbour, needed to be better stored and managed.